The Congaree Socialist Republic was an abortive state briefly established by socialists in St. Matthews, South Carolina during the Red Rebellion of 1915. Cassius was its chairman. During its tenure, the Republic established revolutionary tribunals which were designed to try former plantation owners and anyone else declared an enemy of the state and execute them such as Jubal Marberry. Scipio was an unwilling tribunal member who would have preferred clemency but often voted yes to avoid "revolutionary justice" himself. The Republic was more likely to kill enemy soldiers rather than capture them but wasn't beyond holding a few to exchange for their own captured guerrilla fighters. Scipio often parleyed with enemy commanders including Jerome Hotchkiss.

The Republic was finally driven into the swamps by the Confederate Army in 1916 and it was forcibly dissolved although the leadership, including Cassius, Cherry and Scipio managed to escape and fought a rear-guard action for the next two years. After the Great War, a force of local militia and recently demobilized veterans led by Anne and Tom Colleton destroyed it completely.

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