Confederate States presidential election, 1915
Confederate States
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November 2, 1915
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Nominee Gabriel Semmes Doroteo Arango
Party Whig Party Radical Liberal Party
Home state Virginia Chihuahua
Running mate Unknown Unknown

President before election

Woodrow Wilson
Whig Party

Elected President

Gabriel Semmes
Whig Party

The Confederate States presidential election of 1915 was the tenth sextennial presidential election, taking place on November 2, 1915. It took place while the Confederate States of America were embroiled in both the Great War with the United States of America and the Red Rebellion at home. With these two massive events as a backdrop, Confederates overwhelmingly elected Whig Party candidate Gabriel Semmes as President, over his Radical Liberal opponent Doroteo Arango.[1]

The Issues[]

Prosecution of the Great War was the dominating issue for both parties. Outgoing President Woodrow Wilson helped stump for Semmes (his Vice President), insisting that Semmes would lead the country in a sensible, rational way, while Arango was a hot-blooded Mexican who would lead the country recklessly. For his part, Arango did indeed promise more vigorous prosecution of the war, and even proposed putting Confederate Negroes into uniform.

The Red Rebellion broke out a month before Confederates went to the polls, and while this event shocked many whites, it didn't do much to affect either candidate's chances. For most, it simply "proved" how wrong Arango's plan for black soldiers was.

The Results[]

Gabriel Semmes defeated Doroteo Arango on Tuesday, November 2, 1915. Semmes would oversee the end of the Great War and the aftermath of defeat, while Arango went back home to Chihuahua.