Confederate States presidential election, 1867
Confederate States
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November 5, 1867
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  Lee2.jpg ForrestI.jpg
Nominee Robert E. Lee Nathan Bedford Forrest
Party Confederate Patriot Party
Home state Virginia Tennessee
Running mate Albert Gallatin Brown Louis Wigfall
Electoral vote 69 50
States carried 6 6
Popular vote 496,536 466,901
Percentage 51.54 48.46

President before election

Jefferson Davis

Elected President

Robert E. Lee

The Confederate States Presidential Election of 1867 was the second sextennial presidential election, held on November 5, 1867. It set the stage for the path of the country going forward, particularly as regards to slavery. Two new parties were born, the Confederate Party of General Robert E. Lee and the Patriot Party of Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Forrest was backed by the Rivington Men.


During the campaign Forrest went on the stump around the Confederacy, while Lee remained at home. Until election day, Lee felt sure he would win. Forrest ran for president on the platform to continue slavery, while Lee promised to ease restrictions against blacks. Lee also went soft-line on the United States and made use of various issues, while Forrest just kept to his platform.

Election Results[]

The election came to ride on Tennessee with the Electoral College tied down 55-50 (60 were required for election). Eventually, several days after the election, Lee won the College 69-50 and the popular vote 496,536 to 466,901.

Lee won the six states of Florida (4), Georgia (12), Kentucky (14), North Carolina (12), Tennessee (14), and Virginia (13).

Forrest won the six states of Alabama (11), Arkansas (6), Louisiana (8), Mississippi (9), South Carolina (8) (whose electors were chosen by the state legislature rather than by popular vote), and Texas (8).