The Department of Communications was a part of the executive branch of the federal government for the Confederate States. It was established in the spring of 1934 soon after Jake Featherston became president. Saul Goldman was its first and only Director of Communications.

The department was tasked with centralizing the control and distribution of media in the Freedomite CSA. All radio shows and news broadcasts, newspaper and magazine articles, propaganda, cinema shows, and various other media had to be approved by department workers acting under guidelines set by Featherston and Goldman before being released to the Confederate public. Such control and manipulation of information enabled the Freedom Party to dominate Confederate social and political life by the end of the 1930s and all the way through the Second Great War against the United States. During the war the DOC helped shape Confederate thinking by feeding it information that would inflame opinion against the USA.

Information about the Population Reduction as well as events that might affect overall implementation was strictly controlled, such as news about Mormon people bombings in the USA. Featherston was worried that blacks in the CSA might find out and use the idea as their own - as they ultimately did starting with the Jackson Incident of the fall of 1942. Only then did the president allow Goldman to publish stories of black people bombings and slant things so that the Confederate white reaction would be that of outrage.

Ultimately the Department of Communications was so successful at its job that by war's end in July 1944 the Confederate (white) population was almost totally in-line with the Freedom Party and brainwashed by Featherston's propaganda. This helped fuel the subsequent bushwhacking war against the US military occupation.

Literary comment[]

The CS Department of Communications may be based on the role of the Reichs-Rundfunk-Gesellschaft in Nazi Germany.