President Lee
Fictional Character
Southern Victory
POD: September 10, 1862
Appearance(s): The Center Cannot Hold
Type of Appearance: Posthumous(?) reference
Nationality: Confederate States
Occupation: President of the CSA
Relatives: Robert E. Lee (possibly father or uncle)
Political Party: Whig Party

President Lee was one of three past Confederate Presidents whom Jake Featherston considered to be great, along with Jefferson Davis and James Longstreet.[1]

Literary comment

While a logical initial assumption is that President Lee refers to Robert E. Lee, there are countless references to Robert E. Lee in nearly every volume of Southern Victory, listing various achievements of his without once suggesting that he was president. Given the Whig Party's track record for nepotism, President Lee could be a younger relative of Robert, possibly his son William "Rooney" Lee or his nephew Fitzhugh Lee, both of whom entered U.S. politics after the American Civil War in OTL, or a fictional Lee family member. There is simply not enough evidence either way.


Political offices
(Southern Victory)
Preceded by
Unknown, last known is Jefferson Davis or perhaps James Longstreet
President of the Confederate States
Dates unknown
Succeeded by
next known is
Woodrow Wilson