Confederate Party
Fictional Political Party
The Guns of the South
Leader: Robert E. Lee,
Albert Gallatin Brown
Political Ideology: Federalism, nationalism, anti-slavery
Political Position: Center

The Confederate Party was the political party created by Robert E. Lee and Albert Gallatin Brown in 1867 after the Second American Revolution. One of the main planks of its platform was an end to slavery in the Confederacy. Its main opponent was the Patriot Party.

While Lee and Brown narrowly won the 1867 election, the Party didn't gain substantial support for its anti-slavery plank until after the Rivington Men attempted to assassinate Lee on his Inauguration Day on March 4, 1868. While Lee survived, several people, including newly inaugurated Vice President Brown and Lee's wife Mary Anna Custis Lee were killed, discrediting the Rivington men and gaining sympathy for Lee's movement.

After the Rivington Men were subdued and the truth of the future they hailed from was revealed, the concept of slavery grew more distasteful, and President Lee was able get a bill passed, with 52-41 in the House of Representatives and 14-10 in the Senate. The legislation made every black person born after December 31, 1872 free and began a compensatory emancipation of those born prior to that date.