The Commodore Perry was a starship built by the United States, the first in a line of starships to use faster than light propulsion that also included the Tom Edison. The Commodore Perry was launched in 2031 and made the ten-light-year journey to Home in five and a half weeks. It was greeted with much alarm by the Race, whose physicists had been convinced that faster-than-light travel was impossible. The ship was captained by Lieutenant General Chesneau. Major Nicole Nichols served as liaisons with the members of the Race on Home.

The Commodore Perry was named for Commodore Matthew Perry. Perry's mission to Japan was closely paralleled by the Commodore Perry's own mission to Home. Members of the Race who knew enough of human history to understand this parallel felt both indignation and a great deal of unease.

The propulsion of this ship was state of the art. Its sub-light propulsion was probably a fusion constant acceleration rockets similar and probably better than what the Race used. It was capable of one tenth g acceleration for an unknown period of time. The FTL propulsion seemed to be connected with cosmic superstrings and space folding. Travel appeared to be instantaneous between two points in space but such points had to be well away from gravity wells, thus the need to use the sub-light propulsion and the travel time stated by the crew.

The ship appeared to have an unfinished appearance, due to the fact that construction was stepped up in an unsuccessful bid to get the Commodore Perry to Home before the Admiral Peary arrived.


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