The Colonization Fleet was a civilian fleet of the Race dispatched from Home to establish a permanent presence on Tosev 3 following the expected easy conquest of that planet by the Conquest Fleet. On its arrival, however, the fleet, commanded by Fleetlord Reffet, found a situation very different from what it had expected. The colonists (who included the first females of the Race to live on the planet) found it very difficult to adapt to these circumstances, which included military threats from sovereign Tosevite not-empires as well as economic competition from the same mentioned species; frequent revolts by Tosevites living within the Race's territory; and the many social disruptions associated with ginger, the use of which quickly became widespread among the colonists.

As soon as they arrived, 12 starships were destroyed by a nuclear attack by an unknown Tosevite power. The attack overwhelming killed administrators and other bureaucrats that were supposed to administer the Race's newest territory, severely disrupting attempts to settle on the planet. As a result of this, numerous males from Conquest Fleet that had been administering areas of the planet had to continue doing so, leading to an unprecedented and tense power sharing agreement by officials from both fleets.

This guilty power was eventually identified as the United States, which was forced to accept the nuclear destruction of Indianapolis as punishment. Following the Race-German War of 1965, Atvar unilaterally conscripted male and female colonists into the military to create a permanent Soldier's Time. This move was adamantly opposed by Reffet, who saw this move as disrupting the Race's economy on Tosev 3.

Other Colonization Fleets[]

Two other Colonization Fleets had been dispatched at earlier points in the Race's history, to Rabotev 2 and Halless 1 after each of those planets' conquests. Both were somewhat more successful than the Tosev 3 fleet.

The Tosev 3 Colonization Fleet was said to have transported "80 to 100 million" Race settlers from Home to the Race's territory on Tosev 3.