Coca-Cola (Coke for short), is the world's most popular soda drink. It was invented in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 1886 by John Pemberton. Originally the drink was cocaine-based, hence the name, but was removed in 1903. The Coca-Cola Company produces Coca-Cola and Fanta, an orange soda, as well as many other beverages. The intense trade-secrecy protecting Coke's recipe has become a running gag of popular culture.

Literary commentEdit

Numerous Harry Turtledove stories have scenes of characters drinking or discussing Coke. It is rarely significant to the plot.

Coca-Cola in EarthgripEdit

Coke remained popular among some people in the 30th century. It seemed especially appropriate for nostalgists for 20th-century literature, including Jennifer Logan.

Coca-Cola in "Les Mortes d'Arthur"Edit

Though Atlanta lay in ruins after a disaster, the Coca-Cola recipe survived the disaster and became one of the weakened United States' main exports.[1]

Coca-Cola in The Valley-Westside WarEdit

In one alternate, the recipe for Coca-Cola was lost in the Russian-American War in 1967, and so production permanently ceased. The Crosstime Mendoza family had cache of Coke stored in their basement. Dan of The Valley was enthralled when he and his fellow soldiers discovered this delightfully anachronistic beverage.[2]


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