Coca-Cola (Coke for short), is the world's most popular soda drink. It was invented in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 1886 by John Pemberton. Originally the drink was cocaine-based, hence the name, but was removed in 1903. The Coca-Cola Company produces Coca-Cola and Fanta, an orange soda, as well as many other beverages. The intense trade-secrecy protecting Coke's recipe has become a running gag of popular culture.

Literary comment[]

Numerous Harry Turtledove stories have scenes of characters drinking or discussing Coke. It is rarely significant to the plot.

Coca-Cola in Earthgrip[]

Coke remained popular among some people in the 30th century. It seemed especially appropriate for nostalgists for 20th-century literature, including Jennifer Logan.

Coca-Cola in "Les Mortes d'Arthur"[]

Though Atlanta lay in ruins after a disaster, the Coca-Cola recipe survived the disaster and became one of the weakened United States' main exports.[1]

Coca-Cola in The Valley-Westside War[]

In one alternate, the recipe for Coca-Cola was lost in the Russian-American War in 1967, and so production permanently ceased. The Crosstime Mendoza family had a cache of Coke stored in their basement. Dan of The Valley was enthralled when he and his fellow soldiers discovered this delightfully anachronistic beverage.[2]


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