Clovis is a city in and the county seat of Curry County, New Mexico, United States. It is noteworthy in part because Buddy Holly and the Crickets recorded their trademark #1 song, "That'll Be The Day" in Clovis.

Clovis in The House of DanielEdit

The House of Daniel traveled to Clovis to play the Pioneers in 1934. The House won, 8-2, although the Pioneers did give the House a good game. The Pioneers' fans were abusive to the Pioneers when they lost. Conversely, the Pioneers were very good sports. Their shortstop owned a local barbecue restaurant and served the House for free, and the catcher played guitar and sang after dinner.[1]

After dinner, the teams went out to the street and saw a pair of zombies collecting garbage. The shortstop said that he hated zombies because he didn't think they were completely dead, and at some point, they get tired of their existence of servitude and rise up. His words proved prophetic.[2]

Clovis in Southern VictoryEdit

During the Second Great War, Abner Dowling's Eleventh Army was originally headquarted in Clovis.[3]


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