The Clan of the Claw was a Mrem clan in the Warm Lands, following the flooding which created the New Water. Rantan Taggah, who had been a kit at the time of the flood, rose to become the clan's talonmaster. Demm Etter was the chief priestess of the clan at this time. Due to the growing threat of Liskash, Taggah proposed a wholesale migration to the northern continent. Despite opposition from the rancher Zhanns Bostofa, the movement passed.

Sassin was the Liskash lord who presented the most immediate danger to the Clan as their migration began.

Literary comment[]

Harry Turtledove's "The Mrem Go West" is the first story in Exiled: Clan of the Claw, the first volume in the Mrem shared universe. Turtledove never again contributed to the series. Treating the story as a stand-alone work, it appears that the forces led by Etter and Taggah make up the entire Clan of the Claw. However, other stories in the same volume reveal that the clan is a much vaster entity, with Etter and Taggah's branch being simply the primary one. The other branches are isolated by Liskash borders, and must make their own migrations without assistance. Within the first volume, character overlap is strictly avoided, with no character from one story ever appearing in another. However, each story contains passing references to names and events of previous ones.