Fictional Character
Southern Victory
POD: September 10, 1862
Appearance(s): American Front;
Walk in Hell;
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Negro resident of the Confederate States
briefly a citizen of the self-proclaimed Congaree Socialist Republic
Religion: Atheist
Date of Birth: 19th century
Date of Death: 1917
Cause of Death: Shot to death (Great War)
Occupation: Plantation Worker, Maid, Revolutionary
Military Branch: Red Rebels (Great War)

Cherry (d. 1917) was the female companion and fellow socialist guerrilla of Cassius. An employee of Anne Colleton, Cherry began as a field hand on the plantation and was promoted to maid when Scipio fired Griselda for insubordination and laziness. She was the instigator of the rebellion of the Congaree Socialist Republic in 1915, early in the Great War, when she pretended that she had been raped by Anne's brother Jacob in Marshlands (in truth, she'd been having an opportunistic sexual relationship with the injured Jacob). Using this as a reason to try to kill Colleton, the Negros attacked the mansion, taking casualties, but killing Jacob and burning Marshlands to the ground.

Cherry became a leader of the rebellion and a front line warrior. She also served as part of the Congaree Socialist Republic revolutionary tribunal which sought to execute "enemies of the state." As the rebellion lost ground, she attempted to use her sexuality on Scipio, begging him to end the violence by talking them out of their dilemma, promising herself to him. Scipio tried reasoning with her, saying that it was over for the dying Republic and she stormed off angrily.

Although the rebellion was crushed after a year, she and Cassius escaped the CSA soldiers and remained fugitives, attempting to personally kill Anne Colleton on two separate occasions. Cherry believed a false rumor started by Anne Colleton that Colleton had buried a fortune on the Marshland estate and returned to try and dig it out of the ground. Anne received word, via a letter posted by Scipio, that Cherry was in the area and dispassionately watched as Cherry berated her fellow negroes, remarking that she was harsher than Anne had ever been. Anne, and a group of Confederate States militia ambushed Cherry, and Anne wounded her former servant. She approached the fallen woman who proceeded to taunt her over how she used Jacob. In a fit of anger, Anne shot Cherry through the head, killing her.