Fictional Character
"Occupation Duty"
POD: c. 1000 BCE
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Moab
Date of Birth: 20th century
Date of Death: 2007
Cause of Death: Shot to death while resisting arrest
Religion: Sword Buddhism (possibly a convert from Chemoshism)
Occupation: Grocer, Spy

Chemoshyatti was a grocer in Hierosolyma in Moab. The first part of his name refers to Chemosh, Moab's chief god. A Philistinian captain suspected him of subversion and found tracts advocating insurrection in the cash drawer of his register. As the captain held him at rifle-point, he heard a firefight erupt and the captain called for assistance. A Philistinian conscript named Pheidas jumped into the shop though the glassless front window and he heard others approaching.

Up to this point, Chemoshyatti had kept a façade of meekness and looking sorry for himself. Without giving any outside indication, he suddenly flung himself at the captain. However, the captain, suspecting that Chemoshyatti was an agent of the Turks of Babylonia, had been on his guard and hadn't allowed him to get up close, so he managed to fire four rounds into Chemoshyatti's chest. His dying words were "Om mani . . . padme hum" and then his bowels released as he died.[1]


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