Fictional Character
"The Horse of Bronze"
Type of Appearance: Direct narrator
Species: Centaur
Religion: Polytheism
Occupation: Diplomat,, Soldier

Cheiron was a centaur. In battle against the sphinxes, Cheiron realized how dire was the crisis to his society caused by the loss of its tin imports. Accordingly, he offered to lead an expedition to the Tin Isle to reestablish contact with the Nuggies. Instead he made contact with the mans. Initially, Cheiron was successful in negotiating a trade agreement with the mans which would restore the centaurs' supply of tin, but the agreement was abrogated when drunken centaurs brawled with mans at a feast celebrating the agreement. Cheiron's companions were forced to flee the Tin Isle for their lives. Upon returning home, Cheiron was obligated to inform his fellow centaurs that trade relations with the Tin Isle were no longer possible. Then in despair he waited for the mans to conquer the Centaurs as they had the Nuggies.

Literary comment[]

Chiron the Centaur, sometimes spelled Cheiron, is an iconic figure from Ancient Greek mythology. He trained heroes such as Achilles, and has become an archetype of the "wise mentor" character trope in literature. However, Harry Turtledove's Cheiron, while certainly named for Chiron, seems not to be the same character so much as a generic analogue.