The Chatsworth Lancers were an amateur cavalry unit formed in Chatsworth by Bruce Delgado after The Change. Chatsworth had always been a rural part of the north west section of the San Fernando Valley with horse breeders choosing to live in there for this reason. Delgado's father had been a used car dealer but raised horses as a hobby. This made the younger Delgado an experienced horseman which, along with playing and then coaching a local football team, capable of forming up the unit.[1]

The typical Lancer wore a mix of scavenged and newly made armor and leather making them knights more so than lancers but the name stuck. For instance, Delgado wore an old World War II Wehrmacht helmet along with a catcher's mask for head protection. He had a Kevlar flak jacket reinforced with steel under it as armor along with long leather gauntlets with greaves and armguards made from scrap automobile sheet metal. He also wore pre-Change steel toed workboots on his feet. The main weapon was a lance usually made with a long aluminum tube that started life as a swimming pool broom with an iron point made by a blacksmith and lead counterweights at the butt end for balance. Each Lancer also had personal weapons to supplement the lance, usually a sword but it could also be an axe or mace depending on the tastes of the individual lancer.[2]


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