Charlie Woo
Fictional Character
Curious Notions
POD: August, 1914
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States (Alternate 3477)
Date of Birth: Mid 21st century
Occupation: Shopkeeper
Spouse: Mrs. Woo
Children: Lucy and Michael

Charles "Charlie" Woo was the father of Lucy and Michael Woo. He owned an electronics shop in San Francisco. Like many, Woo was puzzled by the new electronics shop Curious Notions, especially because he could not understand the technology.

Woo found his life linked to Curious Notions when the proprietor, Lawrence Gomes, named Woo as a supplier of the store's merchandise to the Germany authorities. Woo was taken into custody, but the actions of his daughter and Paul Gomes saw to his release. Woo then did his best to keep his head down and avoid the attention of the Feldgendarmerie.

However, Lucy's connection to Paul Gomes brought her to the attention of the Triads. She learned the truth: Paul and his father were from another timeline, and Curious Notions was a front for a company called Crosstime Traffic in order to gain resources for the home timeline. As Curious Notions and the Gomes had been compromised, it was necessary for them to leave. Paul Gomes insisted that the Woos be taken to the home timeline to keep them safe from both the Triads and the Germans.

Charlie Woo had a difficult time with the technology of the home timeline, which was at least a century ahead of his alternate's technology.