Charlie Clark
Fictional Character
The Disunited States of America
POD: July, 1787
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Virginia
Date of Birth: Mid 21st century
Date of Death: 2097
Cause of Death: Lightning strike
Occupation: Janitor, Revolutionary

Charles "Charlie" Clark (d. 2097) was the town janitor for Elizabeth, Virginia, and the head of the only Negro family in town.[1] To most, Clark appeared to be a good-natured person, content with his station in life.[2]

In truth, Clark was as angry at the hierarchy of Virginia which placed whites on top as much as every other Negro. In the lead-up to the war between Virginia and Ohio, Clark, among other Negroes, received a substantial number of firearms from Ohio. Before he could put them to use, however, Clark was killed on Jephany Knob when he was hit by lightning during a storm.[3] Justin Monroe and Beckie Royer discovered the body days later, and dutifully called the sheriff, Chester Cochrane.[4] Cochrane was surprised that Clark, who seemed trustworthy, was involved in such a plot.[5]

Most people didn't appear to know Charlie Clark's last name. Beckie Royer didn't learn it until after his death. For both Beckie and Justin, Charlie Clark was a symbol of everything wrong with the Virginia system. Beckie had the luxury of broaching that subject. Justin, the denizen of another timeline, did not.[6]


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