Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor aka Carlos I of Spain
Historical Figure
Nationality: Holy Roman Empire and Spain (born in what is now Belgium)
Date of Birth: 1500
Date of Death: 1558
Cause of Death: Malaria
Religion: Catholicism
Occupation: Monarch
Spouse: Isabella of Portugal
Children: Philip II of Spain, plus others
Relatives: Ferdinand II of Aragon (grandfather)
Isabella I of Castile (grandmother)
Henry VIII of England (uncle-by-marriage)
Mary I of England (first cousin, daughter-in-law)
House: Hapsburg
Political Office(s): King of Spain, Naples, and Italy, and Spanish holdings
Holy Roman Emperor
Duke of Burgundy and several other holdings
Count of Artois and several other holdings
Archduke of Austria
Fictional Appearances:
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Set in OTL (?)
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, also called King Carlos I of Spain (24 February 1500 - 21 September 1558) was a powerful European monarch of the 16th century, member of the House of Hapsburg. During his lifetime he acquired a very large empire on continental Europe through various means, including inheritance of monarchical titles, election, and annexation by military force or the threat thereof. The areas he ruled had few cultural or economic ties and did not coalesce into a cohesive political unit. Nonetheless, he maintained control of each of them throughout his lifetime, and in many cases his descendants continued to rule for decades or even centuries to come.

As Carlos I, Charles was the first monarch of a united Spain. He also ruled Italy, the Holy Roman Empire, Burgundy, and the Low Countries. He also had suzerainty over Spain's fairly substantial colonial empire in the Americas. He was titular King of Jerusalem until abdicating in favor of his daughter-in-law Mary I of England, but the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem had been defunct for well over 200 years by the time he acquired that title.

In 1556, Charles made the unusual decision to abdicate his kingdoms and retire to a secluded monastery. He was succeeded in Spain by his son Philip II and in the HRE by his brother Ferdinand I.

Charles V in "Eyewear"[]

It was during the reign of Carlos I that Spain conquered both the Aztec and the Inca. Few knew that this good fortune was enabled by the Mask of the Sun.