Charles Labelye
Historical Figure
Nationality: Switzerland, later United Kingdom
Date of Birth: 1705
Date of Death: 1781(?)
Cause of Death: Disputed
Religion: Huguenot
Occupation: Architect, Engineer, Mathematician, Author of Non-Fiction
Parents: François La Bélye;
Elisabeth Grammont
Fictional Appearances:
"Gentlemen of the Shade"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Posthumous reference (as "Charles Lebelye")

Charles Labelye (1705-1781[?]) was a Swiss (later British) bridge engineer and mathematician. From the 1720s until the 1750s he lived in England, where he became known for his work on the original Westminster Bridge, the Brentford Bridge, and London Bridge, and other projects.

Charles Labelye in "Gentlemen of the Shade"[]

Jerome the vampire witnessed Charles Labelye's[1] massive reconstruction of London Bridge in the mid 18th century. In 1888, this was on Jerome's mind as he prepared for the possibility that a similar rebuilding of Tower Bridge, which might allow the entombed Jack to escape in the world again.[2]


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