Charles II of England
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Historical Figure
Nationality: England
Date of Birth: 1630
Date of Death: 1685
Cause of Death: Natural causes, probably uraemia
Religion: Anglicanism in public; allegedly Catholicism in secret and converted shortly before death
Parents: Charles I of England,
Henrietta Maria of France
Spouse: Catherine of Braganza
Children: At least twelve, perhaps fourteen, all illegitimate,some of whom predeceased him
Relatives: James I (grandfather),
James II (brother),
William III (nephew),
Mary II (niece),
Louis XIV of France (first cousin)
House: Stuart
Political Office(s): King of England and Scotland,
Duke of Cornwall,
Prince of Wales
Fictional Appearances:
POD: c 85,000,000 BCE;
Relevant POD: 1452
Appearance(s): "Avalon"
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference
Political Office(s): King of England

Charles II (29 May 1630 – 6 February 1685), of the House of Stuart, was the King of England, Scotland, and Ireland from 1660 until his death. He gained the throne after the collapse of the English Protectorate, over a decade after his father, Charles I of England, was overthrown and executed.

Charles' reign, known generally as the Restoration, was one of pomp and hedonism of the Court. While on the throne, Charles pursued policies of religious toleration for Catholics and dissenting Protestants with some little success. He himself converted to Catholicism on his death bed. Charles also oversaw two disastrous wars with the Netherlands, although England was able to push the Netherlands out of North America.

Charles had numerous mistresses and numerous children by them. However, he did not produce an heir with his wife, Catherine, so he was succeeded by his brother.

Charles II in Atlantis

It was during the reign of Charles II that the pirates of Avalon, Atlantis were destroyed by combined English, Dutch and Atlantean forces. A figurehead in the king's image was affixed to the Royal Sovereign, the flagship of William Radcliff's armada.[1]


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Royal offices
Preceded by
Richard Cromwell
As Lord Protector
Last king was
Charles I
King of England, Scotland and Ireland
Succeeded by
James II