Charles III of Spain
Historical Figure
Nationality: Spain
Date of Birth: 1716
Date of Death: 1788
Cause of Death: Fever
Religion: Catholicism
Occupation: Monarch
Parents: Philip V,
Elisabetta Farnese
Spouse: Maria Amalia of Saxony
Children: Thirteen, eight of whom predeceased him
Relatives: Louis XV of France (first cousin)
Louis XVI of France (nephew by marriage)
House: Bourbon
Political Office(s): King of Spain and its empire, formerly King of Naples and Sicily and Duke of Parma
Fictional Appearances:
POD: c 85,000,000 BCE;
Relevant POD: 1452
Appearance(s): "Nouveau Redon"
Type of Appearance: Oblique contemporary references
Political Office(s): King of Spain

Charles III (20 January 1716 – 14 December 1788), a member of the House of Bourbon, was King of Spain 1759–1788 (as Carlos III), King of Naples (as Carlo VII) and Sicily (as Carlo V) 1734–1759, and Duke of Parma 1732–1735 (as Carlo I).

Charles, a proponent of enlightened absolutism, made far-reaching reforms to increase the flow of funds to the crown and defend against foreign incursions on the Spanish Empire. He is often considered the most competent Spanish Bourbon monarch.

Charles III in Atlantis[]

Charles III aligned his country with France during the war against Great Britain. The alliance profited his country nothing; Spanish territory in Atlantis was attacked by Victor Radcliff, which led to a slave uprising. The Spanish forces in Atlantis were unable to put this rebellion down, and French forces refused to do the job. The rebellion continued even after Great Britain won the war and absorbed French Atlantis.

Literary Comment[]

The Spanish king in "Nouveau Redon" is not named, but all other European monarchs, at this point in the series, are the same as in OTL.

Royal offices
Preceded by
Fernando VI
King of Spain
as Carlos III

Succeeded by
Carlos IV
Preceded by
Carlo VI & IV
King of Naples and Sicily
as Carlo VII & V

Succeeded by
Ferdinando IV & III
Preceded by
Antonio Farnese
Duke of Parma and Piacenza
as Carlo I

Succeeded by
Carlo II