Charles Gillen
Fictional Character
A Different Flesh
POD: C. 2.5-1.3 million years ago;
Relevant POD: c. 1492
Appearance(s): "Though the Heavens Fall"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Human
Nationality: Federated Commonwealths of America
Date of Birth: c. 1771
Occupation: Planter
Spouse: Jane
Children: Caleb, Sally

Charles Gillen was a plantation owner in Virginia Commonwealth. In 1804, an outbreak of diphtheria depleted his population of sim workers. In desperation, Gillen ordered his house-slave, Jeremiah, into the fields. After a day of back-breaking work and humiliation, Jeremiah ran away.

A few months later, Gillen's son, Caleb was apprenticed to Portsmouth attorney Zachary Hayes. By coincidence, Jeremiah had entered into the employ of another attorney, Alfred Douglas. When young Caleb and Hayes went to borrow books from Douglas, Caleb recognized Jeremiah.

Charles Gillen and his overseer Harry Stowe traveled to Portsmouth and began legal action for Jeremiah's return. Douglas defended Jeremiah, making the case that slavery was an evil institution that created false distinctions between humans based on skin-color. Much of Douglas' argument rested on the existence of the non-human sims.

The judges agreed with Douglas, and Jeremiah went free.