Fictional Character
A Different Flesh
POD: C. 2.5-1.3 million years ago;
Relevant POD: c. 1492
Appearance(s): "Around the Salt Lick"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Sim
Date of Birth: 17th Century
Occupation: Explorer, Hunter

Charles was the sim companion of English scout Thomas Kenton. Charles had been born and raised in Virginia as a captive sim. Like most domesticated sims, Charles could comprehend human speech, but could not himself speak. He did however understand remedial sign language, and used it to communicate with Kenton.

Charles accompanied Kenton on his explorations of the frontier in 1691. He helped Kenton kill several spearfang cats for the bounty on their fangs. When Kenton was captured by a group of wild sims, Charles successfully rescued him. While Charles did this in part out of loyalty to Kenton, who treated him nearly as an equal, Charles was also quite snobbish when it came to wild sims, disdaining them for lacking the creature comforts he had as a sim bred in captivity.