Chaim Perelman
Fictional Character
"Next Year in Jerusalem"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Palestine
Religion: Judaism
Date of Death: 22nd century
Cause of Death: Shot to death
Occupation: Rabbi, Political leader

Chaim Perelman was the Muslim-recognized leader of the Jewish population of Palestine. Members of the Second Irgun, a nationalist organization dedicated to reconstituting the State of Israel, saw Perelman as a traitor. Irgun agents Yakov and Miriam, who'd been sent into the country to spark revolution, decided to kill Perelman, hoping that his death would inspire the Jews to rise up and overthrow Palestine.

Yakov and Miriam entered Perelman's home in Ashqelon by night, killing his guards first. They woke Perelman, and confronted him for his perceived treason. He recited the Sh'mah and made peace with his death, but counseled the two that killing him would make no difference: the Arabs were just more patient than the Jews, and had memories just as long. Thus, it was in the Jews' best interest to keep their heads down, accept Arab rule, and wait for God's Messiah. Disgusted, Miriam shot Perelman to death, and Yakov spat on his corpse.

The Jews of Ashqelon openly grieved, and provided a massive funeral for Perelman, much to the horror and disgust of the Second Irgun. Watching holovid broadcasts of the procession, Yakov realized that the majority of the Jewish population was against the Irgun, who had defeated their own cause by creating a martyr.