Chaim Alexov
Fictional Character
"Before the Beginning"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Russia
Religion: Judaism (converted)
Occupation: Cosmologist

Chaim (formerly Vasily) Alexov was a Russian cosmologist. Like the rest of the world, he'd converted to Judaism after it was learned that the Jews were indeed God's chosen people.

Alexov was intrigued by using the time-viewer to look one nanosecond after the end of the universe. His friend, Moishe Hawkins argued that the human race had already pushed its luck by looking before the beginning, and while God had vowed to love the Jews until the end of time, there were no guarantees about how He'd feel after the end.

To Alexov's disappointment, the issue went unresolved in his lifetime. Three centuries later, a comet hit Earth.[1]


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