Cerevisia, also known as beer, is an alcoholic beverage.

Cerevisia in "The Horse of Bronze"[]

Cerevisia was unknown to the cultures of the eastern parts of the Inner Sea, including the centaurs. It was brewed by the mans of the Tin Isle. At a banquet to celebrate the trade agreement reached between Cheiron and Geraint, the mans invited the centaurs to drink cerivisia with them, not knowing that centaurs under the influence of alcohol are extremely prone to violence and lechery. The result was disastrous: the centaurs killed many mans in a brawl, and were forced to flee the Tin Isle for their lives. Needless to say, the trade agreement the two species had reached was abrogated, and the centaurs were unable to replenish their dwindling supplies of tin.

Cerevisia in Thessalonica[]