Fictional Character
"Coming Across"
Fantasy set partly in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Elf
Occupation: Wizard

Celcalad was a wizard who was famous for cutting to the roots of the curses elves aimed at one another in their occasional feuds. However, he was flummoxed by the inexplicable curse that was ravaging the bodies of his countrymen including Lingol, Belionora, and Mafindel. This curse did not even show up as a curse to any detection spell, and was only minimally delayed by his best spells of wellness. When Mafindel began the suicidal custom of Leavetaking, Celcalad protested that a cure might someday be found. Mafindel replied that his life had become a thing of pain and no hope, and then took his leave, jumping off a cliff in the Green Mountains. Celcalad was also present when several other friends did the same thing over the next decade, Belionora and Lingol among them.

Literary comment[]

The elf names in this story seem to be based on the Elvish languages created by JRR Tolkien for The Lord of the Rings and related works. In this case, Celcalad resembles Gil-galad.