This category contains pages that are titles of office holders.

Not every title requires an article. Titles that are unique to one of Harry Turtledove's fictional works, such as Avtokrator of Videssos or Consul of the United States of Atlantis, usually should be given a page if the text provides sufficient detail as to how that office works. In those instances where Turtledove creates a wholly fictional office but does not describe it in detail, a redirect to the article about the relevant country is preferable. See, e.g., Censor of the Federated Commonwealths of America, Grand Duke of Italy, and Hereditary Tyrant of Tartesh.

Titles and offices that are found in the real world, particularly those offices that still exist, should receive articles only if Turtledove has substantially altered the office across a number of alternate history works. For example, Turtledove has created alternate lines of succession for the office of President of the United States across multiple works, most of which are almost completely different from OTL. On the other hand, while Turtledove has used, e.g., the Spanish monarchy in multiple works, justifying a category for that office, Turtledove has not created enough alternate lines of Spanish monarchs to justify a page at this time.

Offices and titles that are no longer in use today but had long periods of usage before their end should also held to this standard. For example, the French monarchy, which is considered to have been established in 486 CE, went permanently defunct in the 19th century. While Turtledove has altered the history of the French monarchy in several works, including extending its lifespan, he has not provided enough alternate lines of succession to justify a page dedicated to Monarchs of France at this time.

One exception to this rule is disambiguation. Turtledove has had multiple unnamed incumbents for certain offices throughout his works, see, e.g. President of Iran. While there aren't enough articles to even justify a category for Presidents of Iran, a disambiguation page is useful to avoid confusion, and therefore some information about the office is appropriate.

Turtledove has expanded the lifespans of a number of offices that were limited to one or two office holders in OTL, and in most of those cases, articles are justified. Turtledove has examined some of these in depth, such as President of the Confederate States and Führer of the Greater German Reich, both of which have had extensive lines of succession in more than one Turtledove timeline. Others, such as Duce or Poglavnik of Croatia, also continued on beyond their OTL lifespan in one or more AH works. While Turtledove didn't provide lengthy lines of succession, they should get articles nonetheless.

A much more relaxed standard is applied when creating subcategories. A subcategory may be created so long as there at least three articles about office holders, and either, (1) the office was or is important in OTL, and (2) there is a strong growth-potential.  

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