This category contains Harry Turtledove stories that involve one or more characters traveling through time, usually from some point in the present or the future into the past and back. While most of Turtledove's uses of time-travel are defined in a science fiction context, at least three stories ("A Massachusetts Yankee in King Arthur's Court", Household Gods, and "The Catcher in the Rhine") are explicitly fantasy works, while "The Green Buffalo" and "We Haven't Got There Yet" leave their time-travel mechanisms ambiguous.

The volumes of the Crosstime Traffic Series do not belong here, as they deal exclusive with travel between parallel worlds in the present-day, and it is strictly stated the novels that travel back and forth in time does not exist in that universe. "The Man who Came Late" (set in a Poul Anderson-created shared universe) seems to be an example of the same, only with fantasy rather than sf.

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