These characters are military officers who have held a post which is the supreme office within the chain of command of a given military branch. Examples of applicable titles might include Marshal, Generalissimo, Commanding General, Senior Officer, Chief of Staff, Chief of Naval Operations, Commandant, General of the Army, Admiral of the Navy, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, et cetera. Fleetlords of the Race's Conquest Fleets also qualify.

Not meant to be included in this category are political heads of state and/or government whose positions might make them commanders-in-chief of the military, such as US Presidents, British monarchs, or Governors-General of Canada. Of course, some heads of state, such as Napoleon I of France or Mao Tse-Tung, have held a separate office of a specifical military nature which installs them at the head of the chain of command.

Commanding Generals or Chiefs of Staff of the United States Army have their own categories. Officers from other branches of the US military whose position put them on the same level, such as Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force Curtis LeMay or Admiral of the Navy George Dewey, can and should be placed here. Americans who served as Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, such as Omar Bradley, also belong here.

Historical figures may have held their positions in OTL, in one of Turtledove's alternate history tales, or both. Fictional characters, of course, held the titles in whatever story for which they were written.

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