This is a broad catch-all category. Fictional characters who served in World War I should go here. As Harry Turtledove has written very little about WWI, most of these characters come from stories which take place after the war has already ended. Most of these stories also place their respective points of divergence (if any) after the war's end as well. The main theatre of WWI is depicted directly in "Ils ne passeront pas," which is set in OTL and features only three named characters.

Historical figures who served in "Uncle Alf"'s altered version of WWI should go here as well. While a number of alternate versions of WWI are referenced in the Crosstime Traffic series, no individuals who fought in those wars are named.

In Southern Victory, the WWI analog is called the Great War, and has its own category "Category:Soldiers of the Great War".

The Ecnarfish War referenced in "Running of the Bulls" seems to be a WWI analog, and its known soldiers are listed in "Category:Soldiers of the Ecnarfish War".

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