The following short stories by Harry Turtledove and Laura Frankos appeared in the "Chicks" series of anthologies edited by Esther Friesner.

The books are:

  • Chicks in Chainmail, 1995
  • Did You Say "Chicks"?!, 1998
  • Chicks N' Chained Males, 1999
  • The Chick is in the Mail, 2000
  • Turn the Other Chick, 2004
  • Chicks and Balances, 2015

All volumes have one Turtledove story. The Chick is in the Mail is the only volume that does not have a Frankos story.

In 2010, the omnibus Chicks Ahoy! was published by Baen, containing the first three volumes of the "Chicks" series.

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