This category lists stories by Harry Turtledove that were first published in Asimov's Science Fiction, a periodical which publishes science fiction and fantasy and perpetuates the name of the legendary author and biochemist Isaac Asimov.

The magazine was founded in 1977 by Joel Davis of Davis Publications under the name Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. In 1992 Davis sold the magazine to Bantam Doubleday Dell, which shortened the name to the current Asimov's Science Fiction. In 1996 Dell was acquired by Crosstown Publications, which moved the magazine to its subsidiary Penny Publications.

In its first year Asimov's was a quarterly publication, with its first issue dated Spring 1977. In 1978 the magazine switched to a bimonthly schedule, and in 1979 it became a monthly periodical. By the mid-1980s the magazine published an issue every four weeks, with an extra Mid-December issue each year. Double issues were added in the early 1990s. Beginning in January, 2017, the magazine shifted to a bimonthly schedule, publishing six issues a year.

While Joel Davis prevailed upon Isaac Asimov to lend his name to the periodical, Asimov refused Davis's invitation to serve as the magazine's editor. Instead he held the title of "editorial director" until his death in 1992. His duties in this position included writing editorials and responding to fan mail.

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