These characters held the title of Prince. In the United Kingdom and in most Germanic countries, the title of Prince or Princess attaches to all (legitimate) children of the monarch, unless the marriage was morganatic, as was King Edward VIII's marriage to Wallis Simpson (a marriage which produced no children, anyway). Children of monarchs who held the title of Prince are to be included here, as are monarchs' grandchildren and nephews and other descendants who use the title.

In Spain, the children of a monarch are awarded the title Infante (Infanta for females). Since this Wiki at present includes only one character who bore that title, Isabella, Infantes and Infantas can be included here or in Category:Princesses), pending the creation of enough articles on Infantes to support their own category at a later date.

In Imperial Russia, the children of the Tsars were awarded the title of Grand Duke, which was ranked higher than Prince in the Russian peerage. Children of Tsars can be placed in Category:Grand Dukes.

Since most kings were princes at some point, there is the danger that too much overlap between the two categories will cause them to look like duplicates. Therefore, do not add a prince who later inherited the title of King from his ancestors to this page. Those who held a kingly title and an unrelated princely one, such as Gerin the Fox, can appear in both.

Additionally, princes sometimes rule as sovereign monarchs in their own right, both in the history of OTL as well as in fantasy worlds Harry Turtledove has created. These princes, too, should be included here.

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