This category, and the subcategories contained herein, are for people born in countries which went defunct during their lifetimes.

Harry Turtledove has been known to change the life expectancy of nations in his stories. E.g., in several stories set in the future, several characters are from a recently defunct United States of America. Conversely, the Ottoman Empire, which dissolved in 1923 in OTL, is still a going concern in the 21st century in some Turtledove timelines.

Some countries which went defunct in OTL but were later revived, remain permanently defunct in some Turtledove timelines. For example, independent Austria was absorbed to Germany in 1938 but revived as a separate nation in 1955, while in some timelines it remains a part of Germany in the late 20th or early 21st centuries.

Some nations are defunct in both OTL and a given Turtledove timeline, but under different circumstances. In OTL, both Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia went temporarily defunct in the 1940s, before going permanently defunct in the 1990s, but in numerous Turtledove timelines they were not revived after the first dissolutions.

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