These are members of the Kennedy family.

The Kennedy family is an American family of Irish descent, and prominent in American politics, government, and business. The first Kennedys to reside in America were farmer Patrick Kennedy (1823–1858) and his wife Bridget Murphy (c. 1824–1888), who sailed from Ireland to America in 1849. Their son P.J. (1858–1929) went into politics and business. P.J. and his wife Mary Hickey (1857–1923) were the parents of businessman/politician Joseph P. Kennedy (1888–1969). The four sons of Joe Sr. and his wife philanthropist/socialite Rose Fitzgerald (1890–1995) were Joseph Jr. (1915–1944), John F. "Jack" (1917–1963), Robert F. (1925–1968), and Edward "Ted" (1932–2009).

Most characters in this list are historical, but Harry Turtledove has created fictional Kennedy family members on occasion.

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