This category is for countries that went defunct in one or more of the works of Harry Turtledove. In many instances, these countries are still functional sovereign entities in OTL, such as Canada or the United States. Some may have been defunct for a period of time in OTL, but regained their sovereignty eventually, such as Austria (part of Germany from 1938-1945) and the three Baltic states (part of the Soviet Union 1940-1991); however, thanks to the changes implemented by a given Turtledove timeline, their defunct status continued on indefinitely. Others are defunct in OTL and in the works of Turtledove both, but the circumstances of their failure differ in the fictional work (see, e.g., Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia). And there are some states whose beginning, middle, and end is depicted exclusively in the fiction of Harry Turtledove, and never existed in OTL. Some of these latter states are located on Earth, others are in one or another of Turtledove's fantasy worlds or science fiction planets.

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