Cassius Madison
Fictional Character
Southern Victory
POD: September 10, 1862
Appearance(s): The Center Cannot Hold
In at the Death
Type of Appearance: Direct (POV TG and IatD)
Nationality: United States (from 1944), born in the Confederate States, was stateless)
Date of Birth: 1928
Occupation: Guerrilla, Soldier, Celebrity
Parents: Scipio and Bathsheba
Relatives: Antoinette (sister)
Military Branch: Gracchus' band of partisans, later US Army (Second Great War)

Cassius (adopted the surname Madison in 1945; b. 1928) was Scipio's son. He was named for the head hunter of Anne Colleton's Marshlands Plantation who later became chairman of the Congaree Socialist Republic. Growing up in a world filled with hate and fear, the young Cassius sought to strike back at Freedom Party oppressors. In early 1943, in order to get out of going to church early on Sunday mornings, he told his father that he was joining a resistance group. By skipping church, he escaped a Freedom Party cleanout that obliterated the remaining black section of Augusta, Georgia's Terry ghetto. His family died in Camp Determination in 1943.

After the Terry was cleaned out, Cassius moved throughout the countryside, working where he could and trying to avoid capture until he hooked up with a resistance gang led by Gracchus. In 1944, the group joined with arriving United States forces. For the duration of the war, Cassius served in the US Army Auxiliary, aiding the US occupation forces in Georgia.

Cassius became an instant celebrity when, by chance, he crossed paths with the fleeing Confederate President Jake Featherston. Cassius shot him dead without a second thought. Featherston's death ended all Confederate resistance and ended the Second Great War. Cassius was a hero in the United States, and received numerous awards and accolades. He was taken to a ceremony in Philadelphia, where he met U.S. President Charles W. La Follette and New York Congresswoman Flora Blackford. Cassius was even rewarded with $100,000, tax free. Blackford saw to it that Cassius had an accountant. He was also made a citizen of the United States, taking the surname "Madison", after the town in Georgia where he shot Featherston. Many in the U.S. incorrectly presumed it was in honor of former President James Madison, whom Cassius had never heard of. On February 1, 1945, Cassius Madison sat with Blackford and others in Washington, DC, attending the inauguration of the new President, Thomas E. Dewey.