Carol Nugent
Fictional Character
"Speaker to Emos"
POD: c. 350,000 years ago
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: c. 1982
Occupation: Counselor
Spouse: George

Carol Nugent was a counselor who treated people with von Mellenthin's Syndrome, or "emos". She was herself was an emo, but lay on the "normal" end of the vMS spectrum. She maintained her business, vMS Ctr Intl, in an office building. She'd been twice married. Her first husband, George, had been too much of a normie to relate to her, but her second husband, Ed, could meet her half way, despite her condition.

As she was more on the normal end, Nugent was able to adapt to normy standards, which proved invaluable in both her second marriage and her career. For example, she was able to finally convince her patient Justin Becker that the world was not going to change for him or any other emo. She used the analogy of being abruptly dropped in Slovenia, and asked him what he'd think he'd do. When he reasoned out that he'd have to start learning the Slovenian language and adapting to Slovenian culture, Nugent then had him overlay that idea onto his own life and worldview.[1]


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