Carl-Magnus Malcolm
L: Jarl Kulle in Sommarnattens leende (1955)
R: Laurence Guittard in the film of A Little Night Music (1977)
Characters Adapted from Other Works
First Appearance: Smiles of a Summer Night
Creator: Ingmar Bergman
Nationality: Sweden
Date of Birth: 19th century
Spouse: Charlotte
Children: None
Occupation: Dragoon officer, nobility
Military branch: Royal Swedish Army
Appearing in:

"The Great White Way"
by Laura Frankos

Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct (unnamed)
Species: VR avatar
Cause of Death: Shot to death
Military Branch: Sondheads

Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm is a fictional character from Ingmar Bergman's 1955 screenplay Sommarnattens leende (Smiles of a Summer Night) and the 1973 stage musical A Little Night Music by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler. The Count is a boastful, swaggering dragoon officer in the Royal Swedish Army in the 1900s. His obsession with stage diva Desiree Armfeldt leads to a comical attempt to fight a duel with the protagonist, Lawyer Fredrik Egerman.

Carl-Magnus Malcolm in "The Great White Way"[]

During the Sondheim-Webber battle, the Sondheads' Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm scored a significant coup against the Webberites by killing the flamethrowing sniper Magical Mr. Mistoffelees. However, Malcolm was later killed in an ambush by Norma Desmond.