Characters Adapted from Other Works
First Appearance: Three Hearts and Three Lions
Creator: Poul Anderson
Nationality: Mauretania
Religion: Catholicism (converted from Islam)
Occupation: Knight
Appearing in:
Shared Universe Story
"The Man who Came Late"
Type of Appearance: Contemporary(?) reference

Sir Carahue is a fictional character from Poul Anderson's Three Hearts and Three Lions. He is a Saracen knight who is initially perceived as an enemy to Holger Carlsen, but instead becomes a friend of Holger and Alianora on their mission in the war between Law and Chaos.

Carahue in "The Man who Came Late"[]

Upon reconnecting thirty years after their adventure, Sir Holger and Alianora speculated on what had become of Carahue. Holger imagined that Carahue was living in fat and happy retirement with a harem of song and dance girls and grape-bearers, and 61 children. Alianora said that this would not surprise her, as Carahue had always fancied the good things in life.[1]


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