Camp Calexico was a concentration camp established by the U.S. government under the Trump-Pence regime. Located near Calexico, California, it was managed by ICE, and held both immigrants and U.S. political prisoners. While there were some initial attempts to provide schools and other services in the camp at its foundation, those services quickly fell off, and the infrastructure of the camp declined to mere adequacy for the detained immigrants and refugees. Political prisoners were subjected to forced labor and starvation rations.

Shortly after Pacifica declared its independence, acting president Nicole Yoshida and Major General Malcolm Washington oversaw the liberation of Camp Calexico. As the Pacificans brought overwhelming force to bear, the ICE agents surrendered without a shot. While journalists documented the liberation of the camp and its conditions, both Yoshida and Washington were only moderately hopeful that U.S. citizens would be horrified or ashamed of what their government had been doing.[1]


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