Calpurnius Firmus
Fictional Character
by Laura Frankos
"Merchants of Discord"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Belgic citizen of the Roman Empire
Date of Birth: 3rd century
Occupation: Soldier
Affiliations: Roman Army

Calpurnius Firmus was the standard-bearer for Brocolitia on the Wall and decurion Quintus Vestinus Corvus' immediate subordinate.[1] Firmus was from a family of Belgic dairy farmers; he admitted he joined the Roman Army to escape the cowshit.[2]

Firmus was part of the investigation into the murder of Secundinius, a merchant. He found the murder weapon, a bloody knife, in the wagon of rival merchant, Flavius Antigonus Papias. However, during interrogation, Corvus revealed that he knew Papias was a Christian, which was a sect not fully understood in that part of the Empire. While Papias insisted his beliefs would not allow him to commit murder, Corvus concluded that Papias was too smart to have actually killed Secundinius, but until other evidence turned up, Papias would have to remain in custody.[3]

Indeed Corvus proved dogged enough, and with Firmus help, ultimately arrested yet another merchant named Tertullus.[4]


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