Part of Detinan Civil War
Location Caesar, Peachtree Province, Detina
Result Southron victory
Southron Detina Northern Detina
Commanders and leaders
Hesmucet Joseph the Gamecock

Caesar is a city in Peachtree Province in the Kingdom of Detina. The etymology of "Caesar" is unknown, as it does not resemble any word in standard Detinan, nor in any of the known indigenous blond tongues. It may simply be a made-up name with no real meaning.[1]

During the Detinan Civil War, Hesmucet's march toward Marthasville, Joseph the Gamecock's Army of Franklin attempted to defend Caesar, with the aid of Leonidas the Priest and Husham Forkbeard. Joseph was ultimately unable to do this, and ultimately pulled out, leaving nothing for the southrons to use.[2]

Joseph's successor General Bell sent a force which attempted to retake Caesar, but this was stopped at Whole Mackerel.[3]

Literary comment[]

The Battle of Caesar is based on the American Civil War battle at Resaca, of which Caesar is an anagram.


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