Buckley Bay was a small logging town on the Queen Charlotte Islands. Its streets were laid out in a grid around a central square. It had been abandoned in the 1930s and allowed to slowly decay.

In the early 1990s, four men, Benjamin, Elgin, Geoff, and Patrick began squatting in an abandoned grocer's shop which faced the square. They appeared to make a living by hunting and trapping with occasional work as guides for tourists who came for the fishing and hunting. In fact they were Sons of Liberty and were smuggling Nagants from Russian Alaska and then mailing them all over the North American Union.

In 1995, Colonel Thomas Bushell came to Buckley Bay to arrest and question the four both about the smuggling and their suspected connection to the theft of The Two Georges. By this time, the buildings had lost all the glass in their windows and the paint had peeled off leaving bleached white wood. However, for the most part, the structures were still sound.

Literary comment[]

There is a town of Buckley Bay, British Columbia in OTL, but it is on Vancouver Island, not in the QCI.