Fictional Character
by Laura Frankos
"Merchants of Discord"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Briton citizen of the Roman Empire
Date of Birth: 3rd century
Occupation: Merchants

Brocco ("badger") was a Briton merchant. He was one of the four merchants who traveled to Brocolitia under armed guard to trade at the market. He was not friendly with any of the other merchants, but he particularly hated Tertullus, an African, because he cheated with gambling with Brocco. However, he also hated Secundinius, a Gaul who often derided Britons. Brocco was prone to beating his slave in his fits of rage.[1]

All four stayed in the inn of Gaius Julius Decuminus, which was uncomfortable. Brocolitia's decurion, Quintus Vestinus Corvus, took a hand in forcing peace on the four.[2] On one evening, Brocco's rivalry with Secundinius led to one physical altercation with the Gaul.[3]

Brocco was briefly a suspect in Secundinius' murder. He quickly supplied an alibi: he and a local potter named Matugenus had planned to smash all of the pottery Secundinius had in stock. However, the fourth trader in their group, Flavius Antigonus Papias became the primary suspect when Corvus' assistant, Calpurnius Firmus, found the bloody knife that killed Secundinius in Papias' wagon.[4]

In the end, Tertullus was revealed to be the true killer. Brocco cursed Tertullus for trying to frame Papias.[5]


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