Broadway is a pop-cultural shorthand name for the New York City Theater District, more specifically referring to the theatrical performances presented in the 41 professional theaters, each with 500 or more seats located in the Theater District and Lincoln Center along the street known as Broadway, in Midtown Manhattan. Along with London's West End theater, Broadway is widely considered to represent the highest level of commercial theater in the English-speaking world.

The majority of Broadway shows are musicals. Historian Martin Shefter argues that "'Broadway musicals', culminating in the productions of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, became enormously influential forms of American popular culture" and contributed to making New York City the cultural capital of the Western Hemisphere.

Broadway in "Natural Selection"[]

Broadway was a source of cultural information for Delip, a Hripirt official stationed in New York City. Wanting to better understand humans, for the purpose of screening their work visas to her planet, Delip took in a performance of Cats on Broadway. It was very little help in helping her see from a human viewpoint, but she enjoyed the parallels between the Jellicle screening process and her own job.

Broadway in Southern Victory[]

Broadway never shut down during the Second Great War, even while Confederate bombs rained on New York City. Oh--Sequoyah! and Jose's Hayride were among the plays performed there during this time.

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