British Columbia is a Canadian province on the Pacific coast. The capital of British Columbia is Victoria, the 15th largest metropolitan region in Canada. The largest city is Vancouver, the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada and the second-largest in the Pacific Northwest. The Queen Charlotte Islands are part of British Columbia. The province is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and southwest, Alberta to the east, the territories of Yukon and the Northwest Territories to the north, the US state of Alaska to the west and northwest, and the US states of Idaho and Washington to the south.

British Columbia in The Guns of the SouthEdit

British Columbia was a North American colony of Great Britain, on the Pacific coast. The United States, under President Horatio Seymour, invaded and occupied British Columbia along with the Canadas and the Maritimes, causing the Russians to fear for their Alaskan holdings.

British Columbia in Southern VictoryEdit

Under a plan developed by Irving Morrell, the United States Army invaded the province of British Columbia during the Great War and occupied it along with the rest of Canada after the war. After the Great War, Morrell served occupation duty in Kamloops in the province's interior. Japan tried to incite a rebellion in the early in the early 1930s by running guns into the province, which led to the Pacific War.

British Columbia in The Two GeorgesEdit

Vancouver was a province of the North American Union, located on the Pacific coast north of the province of Oregon, south and southeast of Russian Alaska, south of Banksia, and west of Albertus.[1] Colonel Thomas Bushell's investigation of the theft of The Two Georges brought him to the Queen Charlotte Islands on the north shore of the province.

British Columbia in "Vilcabamba"Edit

Southeastern British Columbia, along with southwestern Alberta along the Rocky Mountains were the only remaining parts of Canada that were not taken over by the Krolp.


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