Regional statistics of Breton speakers in 2004.

The Bretons are a distinct ethnic group located in the region of Brittany in France.

Bretons in Atlantis[]

Breton fisherman François Kersauzon and his crew discovered the continent of Atlantis in 1452. Kersauzon shared his knowledge with English fisherman Edward Radcliffe, who in turn established New Hastings, the first Atlantean settlement.

Kersauzon followed suit, establishing Cosquer some months later. His settlements quickly filled with Bretons seeking to escape the aggressions of their neighbor, France. They only temporarily avoided French rule. In 1532, Brittany was formally joined to France. The colonies established by Breton people became French possessions until the mid 18th century.

Bretons in In High Places[]

Jacques, a young man from the Kingdom of Versailles, encountered a warrior named Dumnorix in the mysterious alternate where they had both been pressed into slavery. Jacques could not figure out where Dumnorix was from, but his language was similar to that of the Bretons, a tongue with which Jacques had a passing familiarity, since traders from Brittany had occasionally visited his hometown of Paris. This enabled the start of linguistic communication between them.