Bornu was a city-state on Riverworld, ruled by Musa ar-Rahman. It was a Muslim community. Two-thirds of the population were from Africa in their life on Earth.

Bornu was bordered up-River by New Constantinople and down-River by Shytown. Bornu shared enmity with both of its neighbors. New Constantinople was ruled by the Christian Alexios Konenos, who did not care for the Muslims on his border. Richard J. Daley of Shytown, on the other hand, cared less about Bornu's religion and more about its racial composition, and did not like the idea of black people living off their grails and occasionally stealing white women from Shytown.

Bornu's neighbors entered into an alliance and attacked Bornu from each direction. In short order, Bornu was overwhelmed, Musa was killed, and the nation-state was divided up between Shytown and New Constantinople.

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